Well, when we think about learning knowledge related to fitness we definitely think atleast once about bodybuilding.com. So, many of us wonder what can be bodybuilding.com review or reviews on the well popular online website and brand bodybuilding.com. In this article I am gonna lay out the possible honest reviews that can give you a good idea about judging bodybuilding.com.

Workout Programs

Definitely, one of the most important matter of concern for anyone looking forward to get in shape visiting this website is their workout programs. First of all we need to know that this is one of the few websites online that provide the most relevant and genuine information regarding all possible angles of fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition and nutritional science.

As their platform is so well-developed and huge, you get to browse through an abundance of workout programs. As they have a body type identifier test and goal specific paths, the choosing of workout programs becomes really easy and convenient. Also, the fact that you get to follow the programs that best suite you, your body type and your goals.

Talking about the trainers that you get to see on this website, they are one of the most renowned and top list in the fitness industry. For your satisfaction you can just browse through the different program details and have a good brief idea of what you are gonna follow and do in the time period specified.

Different programs have different time periods like 12 weeks, 8 weeks and even 4 weeks. When you choose a particular program, you get some quality detailed information about the nutritional protocols, various exercises and their proper execution and a background on why exactly are the protocols laid out the way they are.

Another important fact is that their workout programs have different levels, lie for beginners who are completely new to the fitness world, intermediate population who have been in the fitness lifestyle in some form for sometime and advanced folks who have been in fitness industry or the aesthetic lifestyle totally in depth. So, advanced population can range from town gym trainers to professional athletes or bodybuilders.


When we talk about supplements, one of the main matter of concern is their genuinity. So, now the question is that how do we trust bodybuilding.com when it comes to their supplement platform. There are already numerous reviews online on bodybuilding.com which already give you some insight.

The main point to consider here is the pricing of the supplement products which they keep at a pretty good range for bargain. When you basically, compare it to amazon.com, the provided numerous reviews from so many customers and the quality and availability of products, bodybuilding.com is a better option.

Then, what is the downside? There has to be some sort of con as well right! Well, yeah there is a problem when you buy supplements from bodybuilding.com and that is the shipping network they have for their products. They do ship their products to many of the locations but still they do have a limited area coverage. There are still certain countries and locations which are well-developed to accept a shipping from them but, they don’t ship products to many such places.

In case of types of some major supplements that they provide are protein powder, pre workout, post workout, test boosters, fat burners, creatine, multivitamins.

Other products

They do provide certain other products like clothing, gym accessories, gym bags, lunch on the go containers, protein bars, protein chips or snacks. Gym accessories can range from gym belts, wrist straps, lifting straps, knee support or bands, elbow support, foam roller or message roller.

The ‘All Access’

Some time back bodybuilding.com introduced the system of all access. Due to this system new or old registered members have to pay an amount of $12.99 if on monthly basis, $29.99 if quarterly and $89.99 if yearly.

Well, you do save some money on the later two modes of membership. On a quarterly basis you save 23% which is $9.99 per month, and on a yearly basis you save 42% which is $7.49 per month. Definitely many of the old members did frown on the matter of all access introduction as once all these valuable knowledge resources were completely free, but when we look at it on a more broad way we see that it wasn’t that bad of a decision for bodybuilding.com to make.

In todays competitive world, gaining access to such resourceful platform as a free member is impossible almost anywhere. Keeping that in mind, the membership fee is a fine deal when it comes to the abundance of resources you get.

A well detailed review

Here, is a review of a customer who did have some interesting experience. Sorry, I can’t provide the name but the source was quora.

Yes, I did order some supplements from Bodybuilding.com few months back. It is great idea to Import things if you want. But! But! But! Custom and excise department can delay your product for days (for me it took months).

My experience:

It took exactly 60 days to get my package delivered .

I ordered some of the supplements from the portal on 18th September, and Bodybuilding.com proactively dispatched my order within 2 days. But the shit got real in transit.

I tried to contact the Kolkata customs regarding my parcel, but the Babu (s) don’t even bother, Every day they have new instructions for you.

  • “You need to come down to custom’s office.”

– What!!!! I have to travel down 600 kms for a parcel.

  • “These are Scheduled Drugs.”

– Come on!! Those are also available on Flipkart and Amazon

  • “We have sent you a letter regarding this.”

– What letter!! I never received one.

  • “Ghosh Babu is entitled to looks after this and he is on Kali puja leave”

– WTF!! Now entire East India’s import is dependent on Ghosh babu!!.

After trying and chasing them for a month I gave up. Yes my 15k was on stake but I learnt a lesson worth 15K. 😀

I wasn’t expecting my package anymore, after around 50 days I randomly checked the tracking page and found my package was dispatched to Bhubhaneshwar. I was very happy (Huh!! finally) that I still have hope for my 15k .

But this is when India Post came in action.

– Nobody from the postal department came to inform me about the package.

– When I tried to contact the office over phone, Patra babu was on Diwali Leave.

– One day I reached the nearest postal office, and to my surprise they were planning to return the package back on the grounds of unclaimed package.

Postal department charged around 5k for excise (on behalf of CBEC) and finally they delivered my package.

** The packaging was not in good condition, it looked like somebody had tampered the package to check what’s inside (multiple holes…. no tampering with product inside)

** Arranging 5000 Rs for postal department was a pain, when the nation was undergoing demonetization. [It doesn’t mean I am against demonetization]

Reason : why I chose to Import, Instead I could have ordered the same from Indian counterparts?

a) Fake Supplements are very common in India.

  • About half of the supplements sold in India are suspect – they are either parallel imports or fake.
  • It is very easy to fake packaging, and it may look alike the real thing in color and texture. But! But! But! . You may get what you didn’t paid for
    like anabolic Steroids , Starch glucose … and many other thing which are cheap and you didn’t spent your money on those.

[I Don’t claim authenticity of these posts, ]

[Image: www.Healthkart.com]

b) Although there are authentic importers, But product availability is never guaranteed.

  • You won’t get your product’s desired flavour.
  • The importer imports limited stocks and they get sold within few days and you end up without any supplements.
  • There are a great chances you will be charged higher, (Many product prices fall regularly, and importer have imported on previous price and will charge you on the same, not on the current price of the product).
  • You won’t get any offers from your brand.

c) Don’t think, Importing will save you money.

  • They are Drugs and custom department are liable to charge custom duty on it.
  • There are great chances custom will deny your product (because it may come under scheduled drugs and are not allowed to import)

Things to Keep in mind while importing.

Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai. If you belongs to these places you will save yourself from lot of troubles. These cites handles your international imports, so in case of any issues you won’t have to travel much.

People who get pissed with “ Sarkari babus” attitude, you need to practice meditation before confirming your order cart.

You may have heard, or saw somewhere online of package written with “Gift” will bypass the custom and excise process. But I think it is some kind of“Urban legend”.


So, the only major downside is the shipping of the products. If you do belong to one of these locations, the better option that you can do is to research and compare your desired products on bodybuilding.com and then you can buy them from amazon.com.

You can also try the official websites for the particular products and supplements but, then again comes the fact that whether the product is available or not for shipping to your location. In case of area coverage for shipping across the globe, amazon has one of the largest networks.

For example, if you wanna buy a Ronnie Coleman signature series supplement you can research on the product in details such as different reviews, ratings and even different awards won by the supplement company on bodybuilding.com, and then you can browse and buy according to your satisfaction from your desired platform whether it be the official website for Ronnie Coleman or amazon or any other good option.



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  1. Very interesting review to read about and getting to see it from an experience actually makes it much more worthy to read about. Bodybuilding is a very awesome site to get adequate fitness information and I do not think I would encounter any kind of problem getting all these products ordered in US?

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